Progressively Decentralize Your DAO on Tally With the Zodiac Governor Module

Progressively decentralizing a DAO is easy to promise, but hard to execute. That’s why Tally is thrilled to support the new Governor Module, built according to the Zodiac open standard by Gnosis Guild.

It’s common for DAOs to get started by pooling funds in a Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) and using off-chain governance to source community input. Tally supports this architecture through our Groups feature. However, this approach to DAO governance and operations becomes increasingly challenging with scale.

As the community and treasury size grow, custodying DAO funds inside a multisig with a relatively small number of signers responsible for execution is increasingly difficult to justify as a legitimate form of decentralization. When there is no guarantee that the wishes of the community as expressed via off-chain governance will be executed on-chain, it poses both reputational and legal risks to the DAO.

DAOs that start with a Safe and off-chain governance may need to consider shifting to on-chain governance as they scale. Tally’s on-chain DAO operations platform supports the most popular framework for on-chain DAO governance, OpenZeppelin Governor. With Zodiac's Governor module, DAOs can now easily deploy an OpenZeppelin Governor contract and add it as a module to their Safe, providing a smooth pathway for DAOs to transition to on-chain governance and use the full capabilities of the Tally platform. They simply equip the Governor module through the Zodiac Safe App by choosing a token (an existing Governor-compatible votes token or a new ERC-20 or ERC-721 token), then configuring voting delays and thresholds through a simple interface.

Get started with the Zodiac Governor module today by visiting, heading to the Apps section, searching for the Zodiac App, selecting the Governor Module, and following the steps to deploy a Governor. Then, you can add your new Governor to Tally and start using the Tally platform for on-chain DAO governance and operations!

Add a Governor contract to a token in your Safe
Add a Governor contract to a token in your Safe
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