The Tally API is LIVE!

Announcing the Tally API

Tally now has a public API! Our API makes it easy to query on-chain data about Governor DAOs. You can list Governor contracts, on-chain proposals, and accounts with delegations.

Why Governor DAOs?

The Governor contract is the leading standard for on-chain DAOs. Token or NFT holders use it to pass proposals that do things on-chain.

Governor contracts manage treasuries, operate protocols, and upgrade smart contracts, completely on-chain. DAOs like Nouns DAO, Uniswap, ENS and many more use it to share control of their projects. The code is battle-tested, modular and extensible.

Why an API?

Apps like Tally handle common use cases, like creating and passing proposals -- but there’s a whole world of other interfaces to build. That’s where our API steps in!

With the Tally API you can use the data that we already index from Governor’s event logs to get started quickly. Once you’ve leveraged the API to supercharge your project you can lean on us to keep up with new contracts, new chains and any other updates to the Governor ecosystem.

Use cases

So, what do you want to build?  You could make a notification bot, analyze voter data or build governance right into your game or app. The opportunities are endless and the only limit is your imagination. We’re looking forward to seeing it!

Note: Let us know if you are looking for other API endpoints. We’re looking to add more to the API over time.

Get started

Ready to harness the power of the Tally API? Head over to the Tally API developer portal to get an API key, read the docs, and start building with the API today!

We want to see what you build! Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know on our new features, subscribe to the Tally Newsletter to for your weekly DeFi & DAO news fix, or visit for support!

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